Hello! Welcome! My name is Marie Cohen. I was born and raised in the beautiful South of France and saying food is an important part of my life would be a HUGE understatement. All those years, I have enjoyed wonderful flavors and intriguing food associations, both in restaurants and at home. In my family tree is an important Italian heritage, which makes me even more an obsessed foodie! Self-taught home cook, I love cooking and creating my own dishes. Because enjoying food begins with the eyes, I am very much into photographing all the steps involved, and of course, then end-result and I hope my posts will inspire you.

In August 2016, I moved from my native France to Southern California to continue my studies in International Business at CSUF, which is slowly becoming my second home. I discovered REAL Mexican food and fell in love with  it! While being immersed in a new culture is a wonderful experience, I eventually came to miss some of my favorite foods from home and found it sometimes difficult to get some of the traditional ingredients. Away from my family and home-cooked meals, I began to cook more and experiment in the kitchen.

My mother and grand-mother have been my chefs to look up to. There is not a single time I have cooked without thinking of them. Some of my recipes are directly inspired by my childhood in France.

I am thrilled to start this new challenge and hope that you will love all my recipes!!! Please feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions and tips, so I can learn more about what I like doing best!
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